About The Wild Hiker

Hello and welcome to The Wild Hiker! My name’s Chris and I have a family with two young children that keep me very busy! Whenever we get a free weekend we try and head out for a hike or go camping if it’s warm enough.

Probably like you, I love being outdoors and the feeling of adventure you get from getting out in the wilderness. I’ve created this website to provide comprehensive guides and reviews of the best camping gear, backpacking kit, trip reports and much more. You can find the best family tents, how-to guides on choosing kit (such as our sleeping bag article) and how to go camping with kids.

I’d love to hear what you think of the reviews and the products, so please feel free to leave your comments underneath all of my articles to help other fellow hikers.

Have a good browse and I hope you enjoy the site,
Chris 🙂